Davette & Dave Peterson
1017 Center St.

General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, July 21, 6:00 pm

at The Community Center of St Bernard

7143 St Claude Ave


All residents are invited!

Come to renew, join, or just learn more

about your neighborhood organization!

On this month’s agenda:

  • Jamie Hornberger, Executive Director, will be there to tell us about the mission and daily operations of the Community Center and to give us a tour of the new facility.

  • The St Bernard Economic Development Foundation will talk about their “Louisiana Development Ready Community” certification project and ask for our input on the future of business, recreation, infrastructure, jobs, etc. in St Bernard. They will have a table set up for you to provide comments and suggestions to them as well.

  • Chris Haines from the Meraux Foundation will provide an update on the Arabi Arts District projects.

  • Plus —  we'll have Sippin’ Fall Concert Series updates, a new Member Survey announcement, upcoming Membership Events, Committee Sign-up, and Leadership Opportunities to discuss.


Hope to see you there!!


Our second meeting this year was held on Thursday, May 20th, outdoors at the Barn. Thanks to all the members who attended and elected the following Officers & Board members:

  • President — Alison Barrios 

  • Vice President — Troy Barrios 

  • Secretary — Linda Van Aman

  • Treasurer — Marie Cossé

  • Board — Shelli Gifford, Ray Lauga, Susan Green, Sal Cusimano, and Clay Cossé

Elected officials will serve for a two-year term, beginning immediately.

We also did a "plant swap", where folks brought plants from their gardens to share. Everyone who wanted to beautify their yards was able to take something home.

And we said "goodbye" to Barry Lemoine, who served us as President for the past 4 years. Here he is with a lovely bouquet that was raffled off as a door prize. The flowers came from member neighbors at White Rabbit Flowers (find them here on Facebook).



                                                    "Love thy neighbor, love thy neighborhood"

We'll be back!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first Sippin' in the Sunset of the year in May! It was wonderful to reunite with so many friends and neighbors. Special thanks to Kenny Kerth Jass for the fabulous entertainment!

With Sugar Fest postponed until 2022, we're planning an extended Fall series of Sippin' in the Sunsets! Mark your calendars for the dates above, and watch for details on our music lineup!


Check out the landscape plantings at the Aycock Barn and Courthouse/Jail, and follow their progress!

(Many thanks to our member farmer/gardeners for design, installation & maintenance)

A New Year's message from OANA's President, Barry Lemoine

Greetings OANA and Happy New Year,


I know it's been quite a while since we've been able to meet and socialize, but we are looking forward to 2021 being a better time for everyone. Meanwhile, we wanted to share some information with you all. 


1. One of our dear friends and OANA members Judy Roy passed away recently. We offer our love and sympathy to her family.  Sadly, we've also learned of the passing of another long-time member, Cindy Heier. Our sincere condolences go out to her husband, L.G., her family and friends. See her story here.


2. In happier news, I would like to say thank you to Board Member Georgia Rillette, who has done a great job with our Yard of the Month awards. I would also like to congratulate all of our 2020 winners for helping beautify Old Arabi. 


3. OANA was able to make our holiday donation of $5000 to Arabi Elementary in support of families in need. 

And we have a new recipient for our Mitchell Smith Culinary Scholarship to Nunez College: Leslie Hayes is a 4.0 student in the Culinary Arts Program. She says she's “following a lifelong passion and…a long ago dream….Nunez has brought me unexpected joy”. She has “always been a ‘giver’”, who since COVID19, has been delivering plates to people who can’t get out. “I plan to continue to give whatever I can for as long as I can.”  

Thanks for your help in making these gifts possible! 


4. Even though we didn't host the Sugar Fest this year, our title sponsor Domino Sugar still supported OANA in full this year. We appreciate their generosity.


5. Membership dues that were paid in 2020 will automatically rollover for 2021.


6. Short term rentals and "party houses" in the neighborhood continue to be an issue. In fact, two homes in our area had their rental privileges revoked for bad practices. There has been a push to get OANA a seat at the table when the Parish reviews & rewrites the STR guidelines, so that we have a voice going forward.


7. Fry and PIe and Absolute Health & Wellness Pharmacy are two new business additions to the neighborhood. Both are on St. Claude -- check them out when you can! (links on this website here)

8. Because of our surging COVID numbers in St. Bernard, and the vaccine slowly becoming available to us, we will continue to postpone any meetings or gatherings for now, including the Lundi Gras Pub Crawl. It is our hope and plan to turn that event into a Halloween stroll instead.

9.  Elections for OANA are scheduled for May, and we know positions on the Board will be available, though details on how to safely organize that are still being worked out. If you are interested in being a part of the Board going forward, please let us know.

10. Two of our neighbor-members have really helped to beautify the Barn and the Jail. We appreciate them donating their time and talents in support of our mission.


11.  And finally, we welcome new neighbors: Allie and Danielle Martin recently purchased a home on Community Street, and Chris and Merri Haines moved to their new residence on Friscoville. Let us know if there are others new to the neighborhood that we can invite to get involved.


Thanks. Stay safe and we will see you all soon!


T'was the Season of Giving in Old Arabi

   OANA continued its holiday tradition of supporting local families and children in need. This year the organization donated $5000 to Arabi Elementary to provide food and gifts for families in the school community. 


   Arabi Elementary Principal Carla Carollo said this annual gift is very important, especially this year. "There are so many families that are in need this year, and we are so appreciative of the ongoing generosity of our friends and Old Arabi. This donation will be a blessing to our families who could really use a hand. Thanks to the Old Arabi Neighborhood Association for being a great community partner."


   OANA President Barry Lemoine said the group also supports various beautification projects in the neighborhood. Recently, member volunteers have begun adding flowering plants in front of the Aycock Barn and the Old Courthouse/Jail (see below). And each calendar month, the organization recognizes a "yard-of-the-month" with an award sign and photos on the OANA website (see above).


   “I’m really proud of the work being done in Old Arabi, and appreciate the tireless efforts of our members and Board. We are a small group of volunteers who work hard as a team to promote all of the positive things going on in our neighborhood,” Lemoine said. “Thanks to all who help and support us." Board members include Linda Van Aman, Troy and Alison Barrios, Sal Cusimano, Ray Lauga, Georgia Rilette, Shelli Gifford and Susan Green. 


   Lemoine said that despite very few fundraisers this year, the organization still wanted to help others. He was also quick to point out that OANA is open to everyone. “Any person or business interested in being a part of our Old Arabi community can join OANA. We invite you to help us promote and celebrate St. Bernard.”

PICTURED: Arabi Elementary Principal Carla Carollo (second from left) accepts OANA donation from officers Barry Lemoine, Troy Barrios & Alison Barrios.


In case you missed

these events:

    👈  2nd Place
👆The Winner!
Night Out Against Crime makes us safer!
Sugar Fest 2019 was sweet!

Other 2019 Highlights

Totem Pole.jpg

Old Arabi paraded on Lundi Gras!


Friends and neighbors enjoyed Sippin' in the Sunset...

...except when we had to cancel

The totem pole went up...

and fell down...

and is up again!

Holiday donations were made

                    and the neutral ground was decorated

It was a very good year!

Love thy neighbor, love thy neighborhood!

Here are a couple of great articles about our neighborhood:

"New restaurants are joining old favorites in St. Bernard Parish" -- Gambit, May 14, 2018

"When St. Bernard made cars" (at the Ford motor plant in Arabi!) --, Nov. 5, 2014


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While you're waiting for our next great event, if you're on Facebook check out this cool video from Domino's Sugar Refinery!

Old Arabi Revitalization Plan 

The final plan has been released to the public, and includes the streetscape improvements on St. Claude Ave., as well as future improvements in the neighborhood

You can review plan details at the Parish website: